My Partial Basic Income

My partial basic income was developed in order to allow ANYONE  the opportunity to receive an income. The underlying intent is to assist with providing the means of basic economic security, if managed properly, by providing an income regardless of whether you are working or not working.

A basic income can help with an individual’s well being and livelihood knowing there is an income coming in to help with basic security needs. Basic security being the following: having enough to eat, clothing, a place to live, an opportunity to learn and access to medical care.

My partial basic income is different from other variations of universal basic income models in that it is not a set amount to be received monthly. With my partial basic income it is left completely up to the individual on what their income could be. It could be a little or it could be a lot.

It is not based on age, race, gender, marital status or religion. It does not depend on whether you are working or not working, what country you are from or where you currently live. Anyone can receive a partial basic income. If you are interested in receiving a partial basic income? Subscribe and you will be the first to know when we launch.